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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Hacking Windows 8 By Metasploit Tutorial.

Kali Linux : Hacking Windows 8 Easily.

So as you have heard, New version of Backtrack was released last month, Dubbed as Kali Linux, This edition brought many changes in the Backtrack OS, for more details, Click Here. 
We haven't done a Hacking tutorial in some time, So here you go, Our First Kali Linux Tutorial, Using our favorite tool "Metasploit" we will now create a Java Signed Applet, which will enable us to control the victims PC, use his webcam, see whats on his screen, tap their key strokes and much more.
So Let's Begin :

What Do You Need For This Attack :

# Kali Linux "Backtrack 6" : Get It Here.
# Metasploit On it . (tutorial below)
# A Victim using Windows 8.
# Brains And Balls !

KALI Linux And Metasploit :

Kali Linux, This evolved version of our lovely Backtrack, Is a Linux Distro Specially Created For Hackers, By Hackers. You will find 1000+ Tools in it which are capable of SQL Injection, IP Smurfing, IP Scanning, Password Cracking And more. It is based on Debian, Which is known as the most tested and most solid base for any Operating systems.It Has a very big software library and it is pretty easy to Use. 
BEST THING :Its Open Source.
Metasploit is a security penetration tool,Based on Metasploit framework, and if you have viewed our previous post, you might have an idea how to use it. Metasploit was buggy-as-hell in backtrack, but i'm happy to tell you it has completely changed its libraries and is now smooth as silk on Kali.

Steps To Perform This Attack :

#1 - Launching Metasploit On Kali Linux :

So I Assume you have Kali Linux running on your PC, doesn't matter if its on a Live CD, USB, Or Installed.
So Now you need to open the terminal and type this :


Give it a sec, and after it has loaded, type (or copy/paste) this command :

use multi/browser/java_signed_applet

It would look something like this picture below :

By Java
Click To Enlarge.

#2 - Setting Port Numbers :

So you know we need an active port on both victim pc and out computer, so that our computers can talk to each other.In this version, this port is called SRVPORT, and we can set it by :

set SRVPORT [Port number]

it is by default 8080, but i have set it to 1020, you can set it to anything you want.

Now to change the path to the exploit, we can set the URIPATH to anything we want. We can leave all the settings as it is, but it will look a little bit ugly, And ugly is bad for hackers, we want our thing to look like a diamond, so that everybody wants it. So to do it we will type this command now :


#3 - Verifying if it is done correctly :

You don't want any errors, trust me, so why don't you look at all the command you have typed.

#4 - Launching the exploit :

After checking everything, we will type this command and this will launch our exploit :


now all you have to do is send the IP to the victim, and get one click on it, The BAZINGA, you have hacked his PC.

Of-course he will see a warning like this :

but you can get past it, can't you guys .

#5 - Welcome To His System :

Now you have opened a meterpreter to the victims PC, and if you search Google for some powerful commands, you can erase/delete/corrupt/shut down/reboot/steal his files/passwords etc . So use it carefully.

So Well how was this post ? Love/Hate/Spot A Mistake, whatever it is, leave it at the comment section below and i will get back to you.Also like us on Facebook and twitter so you don't miss a single update.

NOTE : This blog will be shut down, as in a protest against CISPA aka Internet Leech aka GOVT SHITTING ON OUR FACES, We would love it if you also help us in this battle.Nothing much, just spread awareness about it.
Thank You !
Hacking Windows 8 By Metasploit Tutorial.
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