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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Tech 101 : Intro To Blog Monetization And Earning Money.

On a recent survey done , 99% of people like money, and many of them are Bloggers, Webmasters, SEO Experts etc. Most bloggers monetize their website by the most popular service : Google Adsense, And it's a good service too, easy to deploy, pays well, has a good image, But what if I tell you 'You can earn upto 5X of what you are earning if you monetize your website/blog strategically', and this is what i'll explain in this post.

So let the (L)earning begin :

Number 1 : Choose your Method :

Their are various methods by which you can earn some real cash, Some of them are CPM, CPC, CPA etc. Lets find out a bit more about them :
CPM : Cost Per Mile ($/1000 views) is the best choice for bloggers who gets a lot of views ( 10000+/day).
CPC  : Cost Per Click is for small-medium bloggers who get most of their traffic from Search engines, They are good for blogs who's readers trusts them. Average is 1$ for 25-30 Clicks.
Surveys : Pays good if your visitors support you
Link Shorten Service : Good options of you have a lot of outgoing URL/s.
So if you have chosen your method, move to step 2.

Number 2 : Choose your Service :

The internet is full of services that guarantees you they pay if you get in their program, And some of them do. But 20% of them would never pay, and another 40% will pay you with peanuts. So which service should you choose ?
It's is a difficult choice, But the most basic rule is to go with a Well-Known Monetization service. You can find plenty of them on the internet, but the best place to search for them is Digital Point Forum and Ads Network Review.
I personally prefer Infolinks and Qadabra, which is excellent for India traffic, and gives reasonably well eCPM. Here is a list of good list of Ad Providers :

Number 3 : Ad Sizes :

Many type of ads sizes are available, 728x90, Square, Rectangle, Banner, Skyscraper, In-Text etc. Choose the ad sizes carefully. Remember : 728x90 and Square ads perform excellently, if only they are placed correctly. The In-Text ads also perform good.

Number 4 : Placement And Relevance :

Many bloggers suffer from a a problem called "Banner Blindness", to avoid it your ads should be placed within the top fold of your blog/website. 
Also embedding ads inside your posts gives increased ad visibility which means more earning.
However, engagement is not simply about location. The other important factor is Relevance. Suppose you have a tech blog and the Service is showing education or tourism ads, then nobody is going to click on the ads.
If your Ad Provider is not showing relevant ads, Have a chat with them.

Number 5 : Tweaks, Tweaks, Tweaks :

You need to tweak you Blog and ads in order to earn reasonable money. 

Adsense or Similar Services : Use “Section Targeting” to server ads related to the main content rather than related to some static content from sidebar or footer area. This will increase the CTR (Click Thru Ratio) of your website.Also use Heatmap to find which place is often clicked by your visitors. Don't forget to place your ads above the fold.

Infolinks : Use high paying tag words which are in demand, For example : Flight Tickets , Domain hosting, Data Recovery, etc. Also tweak the ads color settings to match the font of your blogs default text.

eDOMZ or Similar Services : Use Pop-Under ads instead of pop-up so you don't annoy or drive away your readers.
Link Shorting Services : Use appropriately, don't fill all your page up with links. 

Rich Media Ads : Rich Media Ads pay way much more than normal ads. They are available on Adsense and Qadabra, Use them instead of normal ads, if possible.

Number 6 : Don't Forget The Readers :

Money ca be addicting, and when you see your first cent popping in the account, you might think of installing ads on your whole website. You may earn more with that, but your readers will loose accessibility and in the end it might turn out to be a bad idea.
Also pay careful attention to pop-up ads, if possible, make the show only once in a session, multiple pop up ads are a pain in the ass.

Number 7 : Mix It Up : 

Use multiple Ad provider if possible, The most successful combo is Google Adsense for Rich Text Ads + Infolinks For In-Text Ads + Any pop-under ad provider. Select carefully as Google is a bitch in regards to Terms And Services. DO NOT Use any Monetization Methods that are banned by adsense. Also do no clutter the ads as it tends to decrease the value for ads and annoys the visitors.

Number 8 : Maintain The Quality :

It is very easy to turn Dark Side in the world of online earning, Often many people will try to scam and make some more money. It doesn't matter how low you are earning, Never buy fake traffic, cause if you do, You'll get banned from your Ads Provider. Also DO NOT use Click-bots or self-clicks to boost your earning. If the Ads Company finds out, you'll be instantly removed from their membership and your earning will also get neutralized. 

Number 9 : Get Into Trend :

If you need more money, You'll Need more traffic, and you can easily get quality traffic by posting about Trending Topics. Google Trends can help you in that. Google Trends can show you what is the whole world searching for, who is the most famous personality right now and what is trending in search. For example, a buddy of mine posted about Dwayne Johnson Death being a joke and overnight he got a shitload of traffic. He made $43 in 4 Days only by infolinks. 

Number 10 : Apply and Repeat.

So how was this post ? Love/Hate/Spot a mistake ? Please leave your comments below and check out our other posts. Special Thanks to infolinks for all the Images. 

Tech 101 : Intro To Blog Monetization And Earning Money.
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