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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to Get Upto 5X More Views On Your Blog !

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Every blogger would like it if more people viewed his posts. Sometimes people would write brilliant posts but get it unnoticed due to some silly mistakes. Here are some tips to help your get your content more Audience. So lets get started :

1Create a Kick-Ass Title

People will only visit your post if they find the title appealing, Furthermore the first thing to pop in google search are the titles. Here are some tips to making a good Title :
  • Include a number.  Studies shows that posts with titles including numbers gets more attention than regular posts, Example : Earn 100$ In An Hour. Give it a try.
  • Include power keywords. Try to include more appealing words like Trending, Hot, Cash etc.
  • Test out negative titles. You can grab attention by using negative titles. For Example : Is XBOX Truely A Piece Of Shit ? 

2Make it easy to share

Visitors would share the post if they think its interesting. Make sharing icons available on all your blog posts. The icons should be decently placed and not annoy the readers. Some of them are and the Flare share bar.

3Optimize for Social Media and Google

Google can make your post popular. It is necessary to submit your post to Google webmaster after you publish it to avoid delayed indexing. On the other hand Twitter and Facebook allow you to show visual content from your posts when they are shared. You could use  Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph to make your post more visible on these networks.

4Create great images

Using Canva or such tools, you can create your own high quality images for sharing in blog posts and social media. Also Include a Pin It button to encourage readers to share your content to Pinterest. It can drive your post visibility upto 2X.

5Share your content

Tools like or IFFT allow you to automatically share your content or social networks. You should also add RSS feeds from your blog and schedule content to be posted on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr.

6Share to email lists

If your blog is old enough The next step should be building your email list. Build your list with a tool like Optinmonster, then email content using Mail chimp or such other services.

7Do Outreach

Find and reach out to people who are leaders in your niche. Follow these people and start engaging. Search Twitter/Facebook/Google Trends for related keywords to the content. Find the famous peoples on GrouphighTwtrland. Manage outreach using Buzzstream.

8Monitor Results

Keeping track of how your content performs will help plan future posts. Use Google URL builder to track links. Other tools such as Google Analytics,Buffer Analytics etc are also useful. If using blogger, check the stats section.

9Share it !

Good content deserves to be shared. Only you can make it visible. Using Hash-tags gives your post a good boost. If the content is doing great, Post it again a few weeks later.

So How was this post ? Love/Hate/Spot an mistake ? Please Leave your comment/feedback on the section below and don't forget to lik eus on Facebook, Tweet us on Twitter and follow us on Google+.
How to Get Upto 5X More Views On Your Blog !
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  8. Does "unlimited internet" means unlimited tranfer or just being allowed to browse without limitation?

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