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Friday, 7 March 2014

Intel VS AMD : The Ultimate Battle Of Two Gaints

Both Intel And AMD Have been a major producer of CPU’s, And the bickering between them has been going on since time immemorial. But It This Post We’ll Figure Out Who Has The Upper Hand, Intel Or AMD?


Intel Aka Intel Corporations is an American Based CPU Maker, And presumably one of the World’s Largest and Highest Valued Chip Makers. Intel invented the x86 (32-Bit) Series of microprocessors in 1980’s and is the biggest distributor of x64 (64-Bit) Processors. Intel Also makes Motherboards, Chipsets, NIC’s, GPU’s and Flash memories. Though Intel was originally known primarily to engineers and technologists, its "Intel Inside" advertising campaign made it a household name, along with its ‘Pentium’ processors. Intel also helped in making PC’s popular, In 1981, IBM introduced the first ever Personal Computer which had and Intel 80286 Processor, Making it a Successful machine.


AMD AKA Advanced Micro Devices  is also another American Based Company and is a major producer of Processors, Motherboards, GPU’s And Gaming Console CPU’s. AMD Is the largest supplier of Graphics Processing Units and the second largest supplier of CPU’s. The company begin as a manufacturer of Logic Chips and RAM’s. AMD discovered x64, And was the first manufacturers of Dual Core Processors. But most people know AMD by its Graphics Products. AMD owns ATI Radeon, FirePro, FireStream, EyeFinity And EyeSpeed.

Now you know  about these two giants, Let the battle begin :

Performance : 

Even a Beginner to computing knows that When it comes to High-End PC’s, AMD Doesn’t even feature, Be it Gaming or Pure Workstation Performance. Its True that overclocking records are broken on a regular basis by AMD Processors,But the undisputed king of performance goes to Intel,Hands Down !

Intel 1-0 AMD

Graphical Processing Power :

AMD bought ATI Technologies which gives them the upper hand in this arena, It could have been easily matched had Intel and NVIDIA not had a falling out back in 2009. They had a cross-licensing agreement  placed much earlier than AMD’s acquisition of ATI. So with plenty of time to build a good lead, Thing didn’t quite fall in Intel’s favor and we can now see that AMD processors smokes Intel when it comes to GPU Performance. For Example : In Bioshock Infinite, The HD 8670D found on the AMD A10-6800K Provides above average frame rates @ medium settings while Intel’s HD4600 on the i5-4430 can’t even manage that.

Intel 1-1 AMD.

Research And Development :

Intel was one of the Top-Five big spenders in the past year. They spent 19% (approx.) of their revenue on R&D where AMD Spent  20% of their total revenue. But in money it means $10.1 Billion For Intel and $1.2 Billion For AMD. And as a rule of thumb, More money = More R&D.

Intel 2-1 AMD

Value For Money Products :

AMD’s flagship processors might not perform as fast as Intel’s, however  for anything but the highest budgets, AMD’s Processors offers better Price-per-Performance ratio. And this is with just CPU’s in Focus, AMD’s On-Die GPU Scales well with AMD Discrete GPU’s which is something Intel has not been able to replicate due to licensing issues.  While virtue was something Intel tried out with Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge Hasn’t caught on just yet.
Intel 2-2 AMD

Gaming Consoles CPU’s :

Again, Intel is not even present here. The Xbox One has a AMD powered processor, The Wii also featured an AMD. Hollywood processor and the PS3 have NVIDIA RSX  and AMD Radeon Processors handling graphics. Upcoming consoles also features AMD APU’s. So it a clear victory for AMD.
Intel 2-3 AMD.

Power Efficiency :

Believe it or Not, Intel offers more power efficiency  and they have managed to maintain that edge over the years. And given the Tick-Tock release cycle they have, the processor they offers get more and more efficient with each passing generation. The 3D Transistor Intel picked up will greatly help them advance in this field furthermore.

Intel 3-3 AMD.

Sockets :

In the span of past Six Years, Intel has come out with five new sockets while AMD with Four. It is a perfect way to ruin the previous generation computers as it renders both processor and motherboard non-upgradeable, But both companies now offers Processors embedded into the Motherboard. AMD’s Kabini and Intel’s Atom SoCs are doing just that except they will be (not sure) only available to Laptop/Tablet Spectrum.

Intel 4-4 AMD.

Conclusion -

Based by the scores above Intel And AMD are tied, But it is only because AMD’s diversification and also because it was chosen for both new consoles. However it must be noticed that AMD only recently making a profit from console market, while Intel barely never had a bad year. With sheer volume of sales in hand and better performing products overall, Intel seems to be the WINNER, tied score or not.
Intel VS AMD : The Ultimate Battle Of Two Gaints
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