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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Extreme Technology : 900 MP Camera, 8.80 GHz CPU, 8K TV And Much More !

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.
 - Albert Einstein 

Technology is at its best right now, every second something new is innovated. Below are some things that will blow your mind :

900 Mega-Pixel Camera : HSC Camera -

Yes, you read it right, It a 900 mp Camera, Fitted at the Sabaru Telescope, The Hyper Supreme Cam aka HSC is indeed the most powerful camera in the world. The ultra-wide-field camera that sits 15 m (49 ft) above the Subaru Telescope’s mirror and uses CCD light sensors. It is cooled by a cryogenic vacuum Dewar. Its field of vision is wide enough to take in the entire Andromeda Galaxy, which stretches 60,000 light years across, in one go in very high resolution and is clear over the entire field of view.
Manufactured By Canon on March 29,2011 , The camera is used for surveys of weak lensing to determine dark matter distribution.

Fun Fact  : If Human Eye Could Capture Photos, An Average Photo would consist of 576 Megapixels.

Fastest Supercomputer : China’s Tianhe-2 -

Next On Our List Is the computer who broke the Titan Supercomputer record. Made In China, The Tianhe -2 Is The Fastest Supercomputer till now, Tianhe-2 has a mind-blowing insane hardware spec. There are a total of 125 cabinets housing 16,000 compute nodes, each of which contains two Intel Xeon (Ivy Bridge) CPUs and three 57-core Intel Xeon Phi accelerator cards. Each compute node has a total of 88GB of RAM. So by calculations there are a total of 3,120,000 Intel cores and 1.404 petabytes of RAM, making Tianhe-2 by far the largest installation of Intel CPUs in the world. We believe it’s also the largest amount of RAM for a single system, too. And Obviously, the system runs Linux ! After All the bugs are fixed, The Tianhae 2 will achieve a theoretical peak of 54.9 petaflops.

Fun Fact : Except for the CPUs, almost all of the other components were made in China. And you thought China made piss poor products !

Fastest Processor : AMD FX-8350 CPU @ 8.79 GHz :

AMD is always working on how to suppress Intel, and their reply to the latest 4th Generation Haswell Processor  is The AMD FX-8350 CPU Churning out 8.79 GHz Of mind blowing speed. Done By Master overclocker Andre Yang, And confirmed by CPU-Z validation. The processing monster is cooled by  liquid nitrogen, It is no doubt this is the fastest processor in the world till now !

85 Inch 8K TV : Sharp Super HD :

SHARP, The leader in Television Market, Put its prototype 8K TV, that is 7680 x 4320 pixels In the CES 2013. As we know, there are only two 8K cameras in the market right now, so owning this TV is practically a stupid move. When asked by Sharp VP at CES why they made this product, thier reply was : It shows the technology that Sharp is capable of. 

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Extreme Technology : 900 MP Camera,  8.80 GHz CPU, 8K TV And Much More !
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