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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tips To Get Insane Traffic To Your Blog !

Super Charge Your Blog/ Website !
 Okay, So you got made a new Blog/Website, Its getting its average traffic, By Monetization you are even earning a Dollar or Two per day, But Is Your Blog/Website getting seen by as many peoples as it should be ?
The Answer To the above questions to 70% Of The Bloggers/Webmasters is No, Their Website Is Not Delivering the kind of traffic it should. But Don't worry, Here are 13 simple Tips to make your blog go Average To Maximum In 5 Days, Also At The End, There Are Tips For you to maintain that traffic, so that it'll go up instead of down !

13 Tips To Get More "High Quality Tips" :

Tip 1 : KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid :

It's your blog, not the NASA Command Station, it should be simple to browse and read, and it should have Simple and eye soothing colors, Not Sparkling Colors, It Might look good to you, But it would hurt the readers eyes. Also Don't Load It up with stupid widgets, Keep It Simple !


Tip 2 : Pressurize On Email Subscriber's, Not RSS : 

E-Mail subscribers plays a major role in your blog status, The More the subscribers, the better your Blogger rank would be, So put up an Email Subscription Button on your blog and see how your base widens up !

Tip 3 : You Might Also Like ?

Now almost 30% To 60%  visitors are interested to read more articles on you, to do this, You need to add an "You Might Also Like" Button At the end of your blog post. The easiest way to do it is go to the site Outbrain and get this Outbrain Related Links Gadget. It is a great way to keep your visitors occupied and increase your site traffic easily.

Tip 4 : Correct Your HTML Mistakes :

Before We Go To Step 5, The Submissions, You might want to correct your markup mistakes, The easiest way to do it is to submit your URL To W3C Validation Checker , And Correct your mistakes. This will help you increasing your ranking in search engines !

Tip 5 : New Blog ? Submit It To Essential Directories :

You Know You Have Opened Up a New Blog, But Does the world knows ?  The simplest step to get more traffic on your blog is to submit it to essential directories, search engines and blog lists. The most Important of them are :
Google :
Yahoo :
Bloggers :
Blogged :

Tip 6 : Submit Your Blog To Smaller Directories :

Believe it or not, the smaller indexing website are often the main recipe of getting huge traffic, Since the sites are 1000+, you need to do it automatically, Here are some sites that'll submit your blog to every search engine out there : Submit Express ,  Ping My URL And FWB . Now go and submit your blog link on these sites and they will spread it all over the internet.

Tip 7 : Use The Social Networking :

Now you have submitted your blog/website to the every single search engine out there, Go and create a Facebook Page, A Twitter Page, A LinkedIn Page And Google+ Page.
Don't Worry, You would not have to manually update these websites profile, We'll use IFTTT for this, This website will automatically share your post on your fb/twitter/google+/LinkedIn Page every time you publish a new post, So go ahead, give it a try !

Tip 8 : Focus On The Cliché :

Lets assume you bought a pack of classic salted potato chips, and when you start eating them, they turned out to be red chilly flavored, Wouldn't you hate it ?
The same happens with your blog, you should find a subject, and stay with it for the very end of your blog. You should widen your base but never forget the original subject.

Tip 9 : Put A Share Button At The End Of Every Post :

Blogger has a sharing button on the end of its post, but is a pain in the ass to use, You should give your readers a chance to share what they have read. You can easily do it by using Share This Buttons, This website gives you sharing buttons that are attractive and easy to use !

Tip 10 : Publicize Your New Post :

So you have written a new post a new cooking recipe for white chicken ( Yumm ! ) , The next thing you want to do is tell the people who are interested in it. Again Social Networking Sites comes to your service, In Google + , You should post the post in the specific "communities", and let other people reshare or +1 it. On Facebook, You should post your posts to Some popular pages regarding the subject of your post !
Remember : Posting Once Is Publicizing, Posting Twice Is Irritating, Posting thrice is Spamming, and it is a bad thing !

Tip 11 : Create Your Network :

Now this step will help you a lot in your blogging career, You should get in touch with people who also blog, This will help you in many ways, for example, if you are a beginner, The Blog-buddies of yours will advise you with some tips that might help you. The could also refer your blog at the end of their blog to give you a good startup !


Now-a-days every second guy runs a blog, to make your blog a super hit, you need to bring something on the table that the other guys doesn't have, Like Humor, It works like magic for me and thousand's of guys. A Friend of mine draws cartoons to help people understand better, His blog is also a super hit.
Also do a pretty good research on what you are about to write, you need to be perfectly good at it. Cover all the aspects without being boring !

So Now you should have a pretty good viewership if you followed the above tips, But to Make it go up, There is only one tip :

Tip 13 : Keep Posting :

The above tips will get you around 1000 to 5000 page views per day, but to make the viewership go up, all you need to do is keep posting on schedule and keep replying the comments that viewers left. Remember :To Keep A Cycle Running, You Must Keep Paddling.
Also comment on other people's blog and leave a backlink to your own blog, so they can follow you !

Happy Blogging !
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Tips To Get Insane Traffic To Your Blog !
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