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Thursday, 9 May 2013

3D Printing : Print A Working Gun At Your Home.

Guys Prints His Own Gun Using 3D Printer.

Find Out What is 3D Printing And How He Printed His Own Revolver.

guns at homeThis might seems like a news from future, but as it has been disclosed, A 25 Year Old Law student at University of Texas, USA, Has printed a working pistol, capable of hurting, or even killing somebody.
The controversial group which created the firearm, Defense Distributed, has planned to make the blueprints available online.This means if you own a working 3D Printer, you can print you own gun in just 1 hour. You would have to buy bullets explicitly tough, you can't make explosives at your house, unless you are Tony Stark !.

So What Is 3D Printing ?

3d printed .stl
3D Printing, 3 Dimensional Printing is a complex process where printer usually performs 3D printing processes using digital technology. Since the start of the twenty-first century there has been a large growth in the sales of these machines, and their price has dropped substantially. You can buy 3D Printers online with a range starting from 400$ to 24000$, Here are some printer you can buy. 3D Printing is used in jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many other fields.To make a 3D object, computer-aided-designs are stored in a  .stl file . The printer reads this file and lays down successive layers of liquid, powder, paper or sheet material to build the model from a series of cross sections. These layers, which correspond to the virtual cross sections from the CAD model, are joined together or automatically fused to create the final shape. The primary advantage of this technique is its ability to create almost any shape, which can later be joined to create an object.

Yes, Back To The Gun...

printed gun
Gun Is Made of printed plastic, except the firing pin.

So Does the printed pistol work ?
Yes, the pistol works, and it is capable of firing multiple shots without damaging the body of pistol or hurting the person using it.

How Much powerful is this gun ?
This gun is capable of killing a dog or any other capable, or hurting a person seriously. The bullet is a normal bullet used in any other pistol.

What is the gun made of ?
It was assembled from separate printed components made from ABS plastic - only the firing pin was made from metal.

Can I Print my own gun ?
Sure, if you own a 3D printer, designs are about to be released in public.

Is It Legal ?
Yes, It is legal. And you don't need a firearms licence until you start selling these guns.

A Video By The Developer Of The Gun :

This video shows the gun being fired and its production stages.

What's Next ?

Well you can expect a murder by home printed gun soon, and it would be near impossible to track it.You can also see two people parties,namely “get these off guns the streets” or “infringe on our rights.” .Also you might expect a steep fall in the prices of guns, and a more strict bill for gun owning,What ever is it, we can only hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

So How was this post ? Love/Hate/ Spot A mistake ? Or what do you think about home-printed guns ? Leave your comments below and get this conversation started.
3D Printing : Print A Working Gun At Your Home.
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