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Sunday, 10 November 2013

50 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Gadgets : Part II

Got that 30% off coupon on Ebay ? Or your local retailer is selling mobiles on a low price due to festival season ? Ofcourse Festive Season could be quite tempting for gadget lovers but follow these tips to make sure you don't get F*ucked :
Part I : 50 Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Laptops/Camera.

1 : Buying From Overseas ?

So your Cousin is bringing a new mobile from abroad for you, And you are getting it for pretty cheap too. But what happens when you find that The Mobile Phone Won't Work In Your Region ?
You got it for pretty cheap but it is useless as it can't make or receive calls, connect to GPRS network and other stuff. You'll find yourself stuck with a expensive mobile that can only play videos and games. So check the compatibility before you buy a gadget from overseas !

2 : Quad Core Processor isn't Necessary That Best :

There are many mobiles available sporting Quad Core CPU, but don't be fooled by the name ! You can find a quad core mobile under 180$ (10,000 Rupees), But most of them are powered by a cheap variant of MediaTek MT 6589 Chipset. There are 3 variants available and the least one Sucks (Big Time). Do your research and then buy your mobile. Prefer Dual Core if you are low on budget.

3 : Don't Be Loyal To Anybody :

Just because you are used to any particular platform/corporation, Don't hesitate to try out something out of your comfort zone. Experiment, Check out what's new. Also there is a high probability that your favorite brand/OS might be dead or on the verge of dying !

4 : Mobile Memory Is A Hard Thing To Understand !

This is very importing thing to consider, Especially if you are buying a budget phone. Lets take an example, The Canvas HD, A mobile that is very famous in middle east and Asian Countries show's 4GB Built in Storage, But you get to use only 1.70 GB. Native application and the OS will fill up most of the internal memory. So while buying a mobile phone, Make sure that it has an MicroSD Slot Available !

5 : Import And Warranty :

Everybody want's to get stuff from abroad for a discount, But most of the time, People overlook about the warranty, Most manufactures don't provide International Warranty on regular prices, Check with your manufacture before purchasing your gadget.

6 : Got Updated ?

On-time updates is very necessary to keep your mobile top notch and run all the latest apps. Check if your mobile has feature updates planned or else you'll be stuck with ICS (android) while the rest of the world moves on to Jellybean or in feature Kit-Kat. Research on Forums Before buying a mobile/tablet, XDAForum is a good place to check out !
Also Android Users, Check Out : Android Users Unable To Update :(

7 : AMOLED, IPS, LCD, Clearback...

Mobile Manufactures have a whole lot different displays, and they are always telling you their is the best. But don't believe them, As a rule of thumb, Best are IPS Displays, Then OLED's, Then AMOLED's, The least is LCD, It's cheap and displays average quality pictures .

8 : Check Out That Speaker's Yo :

It pays to check out the mobile speakers before you buy it. Check the Bass And treble, Also Prefer an speaker that has good Voice Quality than Music Quality.

9 : Connectivity Features :

Just because a set has NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Support, LTE Support doesn't mean you should own it. An Average user barely uses 3G, Letalone LTE, And Bluetooth 2.1 Works Good enough to send pictures or songs. These features are just marketing mumbo-jumbo and are not worth sweating.

10 : Application compatibility :

Hard-core Instagram User ?  Then Run Away from blackberry, For example. Not all Mobile OS have same inventory of apps. You need to make a list of apps critical for you and purchase a mobile according to it. Note that all paid apps will have to be re-purchased for OS migration.

11 : Choose A Sexy Yet Strong Body :

Mobile Phones come in a large variety of body, Most Common Plastic body is Cheap And Easily replaceable, But they don't give a sexy look. On the other hand Glass Bodied phone, Such as Nexus 4, Is an eyecandy, but They are amongst the phones that can be easily damaged. The Metal Body Looks Good And is Hard, but when Scratched, Looks disgusting.

12 : Want A Pointing Stick ?

Stylus aren't just old age touch screen tools. That's why they are still being pushed for use in modern devices. The Stylus is a great tool for painting and typing purposes, But Unless you really need it, Don't sweat looking for a mobile with stylus. Also see if you phone has a good stylus holder.

13 : Dealer Vs Manufacture :

Warranty comes in 2 different flavor's, The Dealer One and The Manufacture One. The Dealer warranty  is very good and head-ache free if you are buying from a proclaimed seller. All you have to do when your mobile breaks down is just return it to dealer and he will do the rest, But you'll cry if the dealer is an asshole and deny to replace the mobile. On the Other hand, Manufacture Warranty is dependable but you have to take your device to the service center and its time consuming. Dealer Warranty is usually cheap and that is the main reason you get Gadgets online for such a great discount.

14 : Gorilla Glass VS Scratch Guard :

Many mobile phones often sport Scratch Resistant displays, But Make sure its an Gorilla Glass not some lame ass Sticky Scratch Guard. Many Brands (Like Sony) often forget the difference between Gorilla Glass And Scratch Guard and publicize their gadgets as Scratch Proof. Remember Scratch Guard Might Be a Life Saver But Gorilla Glass Is Gorilla Glass.

Things To Watch Out While Purchasing Tablets :

15 : Do I Really Need A Back Panel Camera ?

The most common mistake that people do when purchasing a new tablet is they want a tablet that has a back panel camera. Guys are you really gonna hold a 10-inch Tablet to click a picture ?  What you should focus on is the Front Facing Camera, As it serves more use. Make sure its a good quality not a VGA Camera.

16 : OS Upgrade, OTA, And Other Certification :

Android receives annual upgrade as far as the OS is concerned, But is your tablet upgradable ? Also when picking up a tablet, Look out if it support OTA or Over The Air Upgrades, else you will have a lot of trouble in the near feature.

17 : A Tablet Is NOT A PC :

People think that when they attach an keyboard, They have a full fledge PC on their hands. Yeah it gives you better typing experience but noting beats good old Windows Or Mac (Or Linux). Plus Neither iOS or Android is designed with a keyboard in mind, Of course Microsoft Surface Is a different thing :)

18 : Ecosystem Is Overrated :

" Oh you have a iPhone, You must really own an MacBook for proper integration." Bitch please, Complete Ecosystem is So much Overrated. Of-course  you'll have an seamless transition inside an ecosystem, But it should never stop you from trying other platforms. You might even find new OS better !

19 : Screen Aspect Ratio : 4:3 VS 16:9 :

Most tablets come in an widescreen form factor, But some manufactures stick to the ol' 4:3 Format. The 4:3 is best for Internet browsing or Reading, Specially Browsing through Photos while 16:9 is Ideal for watch movies. Note that 16:9 Ratio Tablets can be cumbersome to use !

20 : SIM Card Slot ?

A common mistake that people make while purchasing tablets is they assume that tablets can make Calls as well when provided with SIM Card slot. But occasionally SIM Card can only be used to access internet access, nothing more. Also many tablets have very low powered Mic, check it out.

21 : Dongle Support :

Many time manufactures make their tablet only to accept some particular USB Internet Dongle. Make sure that your tablet support our choice or USB Dongle.

22 : Charge It Up Man :

Common mistake that people do is that they thing their mobile charger could charge their Tablets too. Most of the times, Tablets are provided with custom chargers because tablets need higher current for charging. Also power requirements changes from device to device. Using wrong charges charger would probably brick your gadget.

 So How Was This Post ? Love/Hate/Spot An Mistake ? Please leave your feedback and comments below and like us on Facebook, Twitter And Google Plus !

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50 Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Gadgets : Part II
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