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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Ready To Replace iPhone 5 ?

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New iPhone 5S And 5C, Coming Soon !

"When is the next iPhone coming out?" "Should I wait for the next iPhone or just get one now?" "And why would I want the next iPhone to read my fingerprint?". These are some of the most asked questions at this time of the year. Why ? Because For the past two years, Apple has released a new iPhone in September, which means that many are preparing for a long-anticipated upgrade.
This time it's going to be Extra-Special, Because Apple will be unveiling Not One, But Two new iPhones, The iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C.
So lets's find out whats new in these iPhone's :

iPhone 5S :

According to various sources, the iPhone 5S will have a very similar design to the iPhone 5, but the confirmed changes are :

Fingerprint Sensor :

Siri was the Highlighted feature in iPhone 4S, And in iPhone 5S, Many sources confirm that the Circular Home Button will have an integrated Fingerprint Sensor. And there's more supporting evidence for this. Last year Apple bought "AuthenTec", a bio-metrics reader and mobile security solutions company, and a folder called "biometrickitUI" was recently found in the iOS 7 software code.

Improved Camera And Processor :

Tough the hardware specs have not been confirmed, Two things have been made sure that'll receive an update, The Camera And Processor.  The phone will have a new version of Apple's processor (presumably the A7), which will naturally be faster and more efficient, increasing the battery life. The camera will have a better flash and sensor for taking better photos .

Gold Color :

The iPhone 5S will come in a new color, The Gold. It will join the current colors : Black And White. Tough some sources say that The iPhone Gold will look actually more like Champagne Golden Color. There have been positive feedback about Apple introducing new color for iPhone, Majority Says it takes away the boring 2-tone color theme.
Whereas some people give negative feedback like : iPhone has the trademark theme of two color, Now there is no difference between iPhone's and Nokia's Phones.

Graphite Color :

 If you thought that the iPhone 5S would be available in only 3 colors, Think Again. The latest photos of iPhone 5S suggests the new iPhone Might hit the market with new color theme.Based on the photos, it appears the new gray tone will cover the back plate and the sides phone while the face will remain black. Source.

Rumors Regarding iPhone 5S : Maybe True, Maybe False :

 iPhone 5S may launch with two or three different screen sizes.
Might Be available in 128 GB Version.
Might Have An NFC Scanner.
Have iOS 7.

The iPhone 5C :

Cheap Plastic Body :

iPhone 5C Isn't just cheap on pricing, its cheap on the build quality too. Instead of having a aluminium body like iPhone 5, iPhone 5C is going to be in a Plastic Body. But don't worry, It might not be that cheap kind of plastic you find on Samsung mobiles, It is a Strong,durable and attractive  plastic. Which is not going to be a dealbraker for the iPhone lovers.

Siri Says "No" :

Apple has decided not to provide iPhone 5C with the trademark assistant, Siri, once much-lambasted, but which went on to acquire a much-loved presence in the lives of iPhone users, costs Apple Inc. money, lots of it, as requests and commands are all routed through a data center. By omitting Siri on the iPhone 5C, Apple keeps its cost down, the benefits of which will then be passed on to consumers in the form of a cheaper phone.

Good Hardware :

iPhone 5C is believed to be running the latest iOS 7, having 1gigs of RAM, 8 mega-pixel camera and 1.7 megapixel front camera. It will be available in standard 8,16,32 and 64 GB Storage memory.

Rumors : Heard, but not Confirmed :

Dual-Core CPU.
4-Inch Screen with  a resolution of 640x1136 pixels.
Round Lens With Twin LED Flash.

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iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Ready To Replace iPhone 5 ?
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