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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Heroes Of The 21st Century. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradly Manning And Others !

“A real hero doesn't expect to be thanked or even recognized.”
- Tom Collins.
Here we @RealHackersPoint Have decided to publish a post about all the peoples who have sacrificed Their Life, Money, Time, Sexy Girlfriends (Lindsay Mill, Snowden Girlfriend) And Their Everything. So Let us see who are the Heroes Of The 21st Century :

Julian Assange : WikiLeaks Founder :

Name : Julian Paul Assange.
Nationality : Australian.
Why is He Known : Founder And Editor Of Wikileaks.
Status :  Living. Unknown Location.
Bio -
Julian "Paul" Assange is the Editor In Chief and Founder or the Site : WikiLeaks. Wikileaks is well known for publishing Top-Level Secrets and Hidden Scams of Government Around the world. It Became famous  in 2010 when it began to publish U.S. military and diplomatic documents. Assange was a hacker as a teenager, then a computer programmer before becoming known for his work with WikiLeaks and making public appearances around the world speaking about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative journalism.

Bradley Manning : US Soldier :

Name : Bradley Edward Manning
Nationality : United States Of America.
Why Is He Known : Supplying Classified Information Against USA To Wikileaks.
Status : Living. Convicted.
Bio - 
 Bradley Edward Manning is an United States Army Soldier Convicted for 22 Charges Including : Espionage Act, Aiding The Enemy, Stealing Government Property and Computer Fraud Act. It has been proved that Manning Gave Wikileaks The Video of USA Baghdad airstrike, Which Shows  an American helicopter firing on a group of men in Baghdad. One of the men was a journalist, and two other men were Reuters employees carrying cameras that the pilots mistook for an anti-tank grenade launcher (RPG-7). The helicopter also fired on a van that stopped to help the injured members of the first group; two children in the van were wounded and their father killed. He has also accepted that he supplied Afghan War logs, Iraq War logs to The New York Times, The Guardian, and Der Spiegel. Disclosing Classified American Government Information.

Aaron Swartz : Co-Founder Of Reddit :

Name : Aaron Hillel Swartz
Nationality : United States Of America.
Why Is He Known : Founder Of, Stopping SOPA, Supporting Bradley Manning.
Status : Deceased. Suicide By Hanging. 
Bio - 
Aaron Swartz was an American computer programmer, writer, and Internet activist. Unlike other whistle-blowers in our list, Aaron Swartz didn't leak Classified government Documents, But he played a major role in Making Internet a better place, He played a role in stopping Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), in which the government stopped websites that post offensive/pirated material. On December 27, 2010, Swartz also filed a Freedom of Information Act request to learn about the treatment of Bradley Manning, He was also an alleged source for Wikileaks. He also introduced StrongBox, A tool by which you can send data to the famous newspaper New Yorker, without having any fear of disclosure. 

Edward Snowden : PRISM Whistle-Blower :

Name : Edward Joseph Snowden
Nationality : United States Of America.
Why Is He Known : Revealing classified United States government surveillance programs
Status : Living. Last Known Location : Russia.
Bio -
Edward Joseph Snowden, Our Favourite and most popular whistle-blower. He Leaked confidential data of US Government SPY Program : PRISM ,XKeyscore, and Tempora Internet surveillance programs. He is known by many names like Hero, Traitor, Bastard, Whisteblower, patriot etc. He is currently residing as an un-wanted asylum. Snowden had applied for political asylum to 20 countries,Finland, Germany, India, Poland, Norway, Austria, Italy, and the Netherlands cited technical grounds for not considering the application, saying that applications for asylum to these countries must be made from within the countries' borders or at border stations, And other countries didn't wanted him at all. (really shamed to be an Indian right now.) Russian Prime Minister Mr. Putin said that if Snowden wanted to be granted asylum in Russia, Snowden would have to "stop his work aimed at harming our American partners." Some sources also say that the U.S. administration, and specifically Vice President Joe Biden, had pressured the governments of these countries to refuse his petition for asylum (wikipedia).

Anna Hazare And Arvind Kejriwal :

Nationality : INDIA, Asia.
Why Are They Known : Reinforcing RTI Act, Indian Anti-Corruption (LOKPAL) Movement, 
Status : Living In INDIA.
Bio -
In 2010's Anna Hazare led a movement Right To Information, Which enables citizens to know about the plan and money expenditure of Government Of India. When denied by Government at first, Hazare began his fast unto death on 9 August 2006 in Alandi against the proposed amendment. He ended his fast on 19 August 2006, after the government agreed to change its earlier decision. Arvind Kejriwal has been using RTI in corruption cases in many government departments including the Income Tax Department, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, the Public Distribution System (PDS), the Delhi Electricity Board etc. Both Gather around 50,000 Supporters on the ground of RamLila, And made the government surrender to the right of the peoples.

There are many other Heroes Out Their, Who's name we can't put up on the list due to less space, But We Support everybody out there working for the humanity. 
Main Sources For This Post : WikiPedia, Wikileaks, New Yorker, Times Of India. 

So How Was This Post ? Love/Hate/Spot A Mistake ? Please Leave your Feedback and comments below and Don't forget to Check Our Other Blog : Real Gamers Point, On Which we did an List Of Most Legendary Games Ever.

Thank You.
Happy Independence Day ! 
Heroes Of The 21st Century. Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradly Manning And Others !
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