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Monday, 22 July 2013

Sony PlayStation 4 VS Microsoft Xbox One : Which One IS Better ?

If you are a gaming fan you would have heard that Sony has released the specs of its new PlayStation 4, And as we heard before The Microsoft has already announced its new Xbox One. Now we'll compare these two gaming consoles against each other on its specs, design, pricing, availability and other criteria .
So let the War Begin :

CPU Power :

Both PlayStation 4 And Xbox One uses the same kind of processor : AMD Jaguar Processor, The PlayStation 4 takes the upper hand by featuring 1,152 GPU cores compared to the Xbox One’s 768 graphics cores. The GPU Cores directly determine the performance of the console, The More Cores it has, The Better the game play will be. 

So We'll Give 1 Point to PlayStation 4 For Better CPU :
PlayStation 4 = 1 Points
Xbox One =  0 Points.

Operating System :

This is where the Xbox One has the upper hand. Being the product of Microsoft, it surely has a kick ass OS based on windows Kernel and the rumor also states that the Microsoft is planning an Windows RT like OS for Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 still uses the old ORiB OS (which looks like FreeBSD to us.

So the Xbox One Gains One Point for better OS.
PlayStation 4 : 1 Point
Xbox One : 1 Point

Random Access Memory AKA RAM :

The Xbox One has 8GB DDR3 RAM clocked on 2133 MHz whereas The PlayStation 4 is married with 8GB GDDR5 RAM on 5500 MHz. As we know, The GDDR5 RAM's gives better graphical performance compared to DDR3 RAM's. Here also, the PlayStation 4 beats Xbox One.

The PlayStation 4 Gains One More Point For Better RAM :
PlayStation 4 = 2 Points
Xbox One = 1 Points

System Memory Bandwidth :

The  Xbox one is has 68.3 GB/s of system memory bandwidth whereas the new PlayStation 4 has a whooping bandwidth of 176.0 GB/s. The more system memory bandwidth makes the PlayStation 4 More responsive and fast.

The PS4 Gains One More Point :
PlayStation 4 = 3 Points
Xbox One = 1 Points

At the end of technical specs, The Sony PlayStation is leading with 3 : 1, Will the Microsoft Xbox One Be able to take on it in the next round ?

Multi-Player Game-play :

Microsoft has always advertised its Xbox as a multiplayer console, And people still buy Xbox Consoles to play with their friends. Its the same for PlayStation but the Xbox network is much much better.
So Xbox One Gains 1 point for Better Multiplayer network.

PlayStation 4 : 3 Points
Xbox One : 2 Points

Controller AKA Handles :

Dual Shock 4 Controller. 
The controller plays an important part in gameplay and player comfort. The new PlayStation 4 has a new Dual Shock 4 Controller. It supports a new "Light Bar" that enables the Motion Control functionality. The DualShock 4 also includes the social-focused Share button, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack. The DualShock 4 connects to PS4 By Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, which has a speed of 3MBPS.

Xbox One Controller : An Improved D Pad.

The Xbox Controller looks a lot like fighter jet. It has a sleek outlook, and a firm grip. The controller is lighter than the PS4 Dual Shock 4 Controller and has a redesigned D-Pad and thumb stick. The main new upgrade is the new Impulse Trigger for better feedback. The Xbox controller works on WiFi Directs that has a bandwidth of 250 MBps.

As seen, The new Dual Shock Controller Has better design and buttons but the Xbox One Controller has better grip and Connection technology. 
So we'll award both the controllers with one point.

PlayStation 4 : 4 Points
Xbox One : 3 Points

Bundled Accessories :

The PlayStation Has its controllers and ear-buds bundled in the package, but the Xbox One come's with Second Generation Kinetic. 
So Xbox One Gains one more point

PlayStation 4 : 4 Points.
Xbox One : 4 Points.

Other Entertainment Features :

The PlayStation 4 can streaming video through Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Redbox Instant, MLB.TV, and Sony's own Video Unlimited Service, which hosts more than 150,000 movies and TV shows to rent or own. Other services like Music Unlimited, Crackle, and Flixster will also be available on the the PS4.

Tv Guide : Xboxed !
On the other hand, The Xbox One has added a new feature called Tv Guide, now the TV cable will go from your Set-Up Box to your Xbox and watch TV in it. Xbox also Supports Skype and better web browsing, and all the things can multitask with each other. Also you can switch from one application to another by voice commands.

Both Consoles will get one point.
PlayStation 4 : 5 Points
Xbox One : 5 Points

New Innovations :

While PS4 Doesn't has any new innovations, The Microsoft Has announced a New Add-On : Illumiroom. This Add-on turns your Living room into a full fledged Game Stage.  It is an awesome technology that will surely change the way of gaming.
So Microsoft Gets One Point For New Innovations :
PlayStation 4 : 5 Points
Xbox One : 6 Points

Pricing And Availability :

The Xbox One is priced at 499 $ and is supposed to come out next year whereas the PlayStation 4 is Priced at 399 $ and is estimated to come out in the market sooner.
The PlayStation Gets one more point For more Value For Money :

PlayStation 4 : 6 Points
Xbox One : 6 Points.

This Fight Would Never End !

So Xbox One Comes with top of class innovations and bundled kinetic, whereas the PS4 comes earlier,cheaper and more powerful on the paper. So Which one is your favorite ?  Vote and Comment Below !
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Peace Out !

Sony PlayStation 4 VS Microsoft Xbox One : Which One IS Better ?
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