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Friday, 1 February 2013

BackTrack 6 "Kali Linux" Announced :

BackTrack 6 Announced :

Code Name : Kali Linux.

Backtrack 6 Logo
After the huge success of BackTrack 5,the Offensive Security has announced the new version of the security testing distro,Naming it "Kali Linux"........ [Kali is an Hindu goddess of death and blackness ],So whats new in Backtrack 6,WE DON'T KNOW.

Thats Right,Offensive Security is being all shady about the features of BackTrack 6,all they have told us is “we are swap[ping] out our custom development environment for a fully fledged Debian-compliant packaging and repository system.”.

This Means a whole new environment and a powerful set of tools for hack,track,and everything that a hacker/security expert needs. Offensive Security has NOT yet announced the release date but i guess it would be at ShmooCon Conference [ 15-17 February ],And to pass your time,they have published a Teaser,So check it out below :

And also,to get the latest news about backtrack,visit their official page :
and for latest news,hacking tutorials,check this blog again TOMORROW.

*Update* Kali Linux Is Available For Download, Check It Out Here :
Backtrack 6, Kali Linux Reviewed :

BackTrack 6 "Kali Linux" Announced :
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