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Friday, 22 March 2013

Project Neptune : Tutorial And Review.

The Ultimate Keylogger For Windows.

Hacking 101.

The Project Neptune is known to be one of the easiest Keylogger for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Using this little software, You Can track victims keystrokes, know what he is typing, searching, know his passwords and personal details.Get screen shots etc. 

This software is completely undetectable once installed, Even to antiviruses. Another useful feature of this software is that it can send you the logs (recorded keystrokes) to your e-mail address.All this will happen and your victim would not know about it.
So Lets Install software and hack some assh#les.

Warning - Use this software on your own Risks.I am not responsible for any damage you cause.

What Do You Need ?

# Project Neptune Software, Get It Here :
# A Click On The Created File.
# A USB-Drive.

Step 1 : Download the software.

Download the Project Neptune software from its website and save it on a pen drive or something.

Step 2 : Open the Software On Your PC.

Double click on the software to open it.

Step 3 : Configure the Software .

Open the software and come to the "Keystrokes" menu. Now I'm using email to receive the logs, you can use FTP if you want to ! Use the Picture for an example on how to set up this menu -->> 

Now Go To The Menu " System Wide" :

Now check the required options as per your requirements, It would be a good idea to keep the level Low or non-existent.

Now Come to the "Installation" Menu :

This menu will define the behavior of the software, Use the image for help. It would be a good idea of you set the installation directory to system folders. You can also bind the program to a file, we will skip this option.

Skip To "Server Creation" Menu :

In the server settings I would recommend putting something here if you want to make it less suspicious. Put something that would make it look like the origional program. Like "Halo Cracked" or "Black Ops Aimbot", something like that.
Don't check "Copy File's Creation Date" or "Use File Icon" unless you have the premium version.
In the file pumping section I would increase it by 1000+ kb to make it less suspicious.
In the server generation tab, where it says "Mutual Exclusion (Mutex) String" after that hit the refresh button. 
There it says automated cure password you can use the refresh button or you can type in a password of your choice. 
Then, keep the process name as "iexplorer.exe"
Then hit the Generate New Server button and it will create a server for you.

File Binding Time :

Now you need to bind the created file to a normal file that you will send to your victim. If you are planning a mass attack, which involves capturing key-logs and screen shots of hundreds and thousands of people, Bind it to a torrent file or bind it to a software and upload it to any file sharing service.
If you are planning to attack a single victim, bind that file to something more like an power-point presentation or something that the victim would click on.

Step 4 : All Set.

Yayy ! you did it, this is the most basic attack anybody can do, If you want to increase your level as Hacker, try backtrack, It has some wicked tools.

Watch this video for example on how to install and setup, Our steps were a bit different, But both will get the work done :

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Project Neptune : Tutorial And Review.
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