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Monday, 11 March 2013

Best Services To Make Massive Money By Blog/Website.

A Guide On How To Monetize Your Content.

And Which Service To Choose.

In this world where everything is available on Internet, weather its News, Gossip, Tutorials, or Homework. There opens a golden opportunity for "Online earning". There are many ways to earn online, like form-filling, forums, surveys, but the best and most yielding method out there is to  Make Your Own Website/Blog, And start hosting ads on it !
It is pretty easy, Below You will find a through comparison on the most popular monetizing services which will give you most of the money you can get.
So Let The Comparison Begin :

1 - Google Adsense :

In 2003, Google introduced a new ad delivery mechanism for website known as Google AdSense. Earlier Google AdWords ads were only available for publishers with more than 20 million impressions per month. AdSense can now cater to small niche website and blog publishers by bringing in content targeted advertisements to their websites.And you know you can trust the name of Google !

Ads Type :

Standard 468x60 banners (upto 2 ads) Most Preferred .

Leaderboard 728x90 banners (upto 4 ads) Used mostly at the end of page or starting.

Skyscraper 120x600 (upto 4 ads) Used on the side of content.

Inline Rectangle 300x250 (upto 4 ads)

How much do you earn ?

Based on Google "User Interest" algorithm, ads displayed on the site are very interesting to user, and thus give more earning, Google AdSense works very well for content targeting with more than 100,000 advertisers in their network. The ads are less intrusive (text based), but very relevant to the visitor's interest resulting in higher CTRs. Websites with a lot of content should give AdSense a try.You will get ads that will make you anywhere from 0.07 cents to 2 Dollars.Depends on your site traffic.

2 - Infolink's : 

Sure you cant beat Google in the field of online earning, but since it does NOT supports illegal websites (adult content,Hacking tutorials,other stuff) you need other service, This is where Infolink comes in,The major advantages of infolinks are : Easy to join, No additional space is required on site, Gives High CTR, Has Maximum revenue sharing, ads are very user friendly, And Gives Real time reporting.
It is very good for small bloggers who have been disappointed by Google adsense.

Ads Type : 

InFrame - Monetizes unused screen margins, framing site layouts with display banner ads

InSearch - An overlay that appears when visitors arrive via a search engine

InTag - A tag cloud of keywords at the end of blog/webpage.

InText: In-line text advertising that has been the staple of Infolink product line for years

How much do you earn ?

Well i will not go to any statistics, and say by my personal experience, Infolinks ads will make a good amount of money, since i got ditched by google, in the past 7 days, I have made 1.7 $ , and that is very good.Sure by using infolinks on your site/blog you site loading time will increase by 1-2 seconds, But in case of new bloggers, Infolinks beats Google Adsense .

3 - Chitika :

Much like AdSense, Chitika is a display advertising network that primarily aims to provide advertisements that are relevant to the content. The big difference is, the ads displayed are driven by the visitor’s search query, not directly by the content on a given page. Also, similar to AdSense and other ad networks, you are paid per click, which you’re probably very familiar with.Personal Advise : Only go with chitika when you need instant ad-hosting".

Ads Type : 

Standard Ad Unit : Much like google 460x60 banner

Local Ad Units : Looks like a clone version of the above but it is tailored specifically to user requirements.

How much do you earn ?

Based on my experience, Earnings per click are fairly low , requiring you to have strong traffic (base of 60000+) and/or a high click-through rate to see good get an approximate of CTR : 0.32% and EPM : 0.30 $, and the shown ads are pretty boring, but somethings that i like about chitika are : Once you have an account, you can put ads on any site without requiring further approval and you only need 10$ , which are pretty easy to get, to cash-out.

4 - AdBrite :

Having the second largest network after Google adsense, AdBrite has more relaxed terms and conditions than other contextual advertising networks and more accepting of smaller publishers including blogs.To set up their ads, First the publisher needs to login to Adbrite account and set up what are called “ad zones”. In the “ad zones” you need to provide your website URL, description of your website and you will be able to choose up to 50 keywords that are related to your website.

Ads Type : 

Full Page Ad

Leaderboard (728 X 90)

Banner (468 X 60)

Skyscraper (120 X 600)

Wide Skyscraper (160 X 600)

Half Page Ad (300 X 600)

Medium Rectangle (300 X 250)

Rectangle (180 X 150).

In-Text ads – Key Word Contextual Targeting

How much do you earn ?

AdBrite online advertising network pricing based on CPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille).I have never tried it but my friend has got 30$ in 4 months by his new website, So i guess this is a good bet for new bloggers/websites.

5 -

The main benefit of has is it’s earnings. I had only used them for a week and was gaining on average $2.00 RPM. Now, compare this to Google’s $1.20 RPM, it’s $0.80 extra per thousands views! But has a whole bunch of drawbacks too, like : no live statistics, lack of user control, etc. And the most bad thing about is that it has a very tough to get your account approved. A fistful of peoples get approved the first time they applied.

Ads Type : 

Every Ad-Size that google adsense supports.

300×600 half page.

600×250 X-large.

600×120 horizontal medium.

How much do you earn ?

As I told you before, is the highest paying service in the online advertising world, but you need at-least 20000 monthly users for getting approved, so it would be a good idea to start with adsense and later on upgrading to

So how was this Post ? leave your feedback below and don't forget to check out my other post about hacking tutorials, product comparison and other technical stuff.
Best Services To Make Massive Money By Blog/Website.
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